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Really, some days Ran wondered if Yukari spirited new humans into Gensokyo just to bother her servant by proxy more than any of her own whims. Especially when the one she'd grabbed this time was belligerent former gang member - an attitude liable to get him killed if he picked a fight with any of Gensokyo's numerous supernatural residents. Ran hadn't felt comfortable letting him out of her sight, let alone turning him loose on a world that was shaped by what people outside the barrier least expected.

Over time, she'd found her worries to be baseless. Well, he did still have a territorial streak, but he tended to treat women with a remarkable amount of respect, so he probably wouldn't immediately get himself killed - a shockingly large percentage of Youkai took the form of cute girls, or failing that, attractive women. Of course Ran herself fell into that, being a Kitsune in her 800's and with a mature (but MUCH younger-looking than that) human body to go with it.

Something which Tetsuo had apparently taken notice of. When Ran had insisted on housing him in the guest house on the Yakumo land, he'd just about staked a claim for his one-person gang around that land, and had been about to dive headlong into protecting Ran when he saw her losing a skirmish with an intruder. Ran had sat him down afterward and explained that Danmaku battles were non-lethal by design, but she was touched by the effort. One kiss on the cheek and the way his face had lit up told her everything - the boy was smitten.

And ran was currently doing a lot more than that. Some time had passed, and her own feelings got the better of her. She'd tried to show her interest politely at first, but Tetsuo clearly considered a kitsune like her well out of his league, so she'd stepped things up a bit. She'd invited herself over to his guest house this evening, and without much warning, had just stolen an open-mouthed kiss.


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